Situated atop a hill on 70 acres of mixed forest and fields awaits our peaceful and unique farm retreat. Dr. Judy Adler, a Chiropractor, runs this pastoral getaway where you can spend a day breathing sweet country air, soothing your soul with the surrounding sounds of nature.

You may choose to enhance your visit by having a therapeutic treatment with Dr. Adler, by appointment 48 hours in advance.

Dining room inside the farm houseNo noise. No pollution. Come eat organic food (in season), grown on site at Sweet Life Farm and drink water from our drilled well. Soak in our old fashioned claw foot bath, with your choice of essential oils and Epsom salts. Follow it up with a great sleep on the orthopedic mattress in your bedroom. As you lay in your bed, you can gaze out from your window and marvel at the dense canopy of stars above. Let the loons and crickets lullaby your walk down by our pond and through our fields and woodlands.

Eat fresh organic foodYour stay will be relaxed, comfortable and healing. You can read, nap, hike or hang out in the studio painting, doing yoga or your own thing. Listen to your needs, undisturbed by common daily stressors -- such as traffic, noise and what to make for dinner.

If you’re musical, we have a full 88 key keyboard, a mandolin and a few percussion instruments for you to use. Please bring your own instrument if you have one or you’re welcome to use ours.


Seasonal fresh organic food from the gardenSweet Life Farm is located in Centre Hastings, a once geologically active part of Ontario. There are several small veins of Talc running through the property produced by the intrusion of magma into sedimentary rock about 1 billion years ago. You can look out from the house across to the steep escarpment on the southerly edge of Lake Moira. This escarpment marks the edge of limestone to the south and the southern edge of the Canadian Shield to the north. The rocks around the property display the rich geological activity of the region while 15 minutes away you can find fossils of corals, shellfish, snails and trilobites. Go down to the pond for a swim, or watch and listen to the wild life. The sand and rocks by the pond, as well as the rocks and boulders of the rock fences you pass, were brought here by the meltwater action when the last glacier receded.


The farm is visited by many animals: elk, deer, wild turkey, weasel, fox, turtles, hares, and ground hog. This is an excellent spot for bird watching. We have seen: orioles, hummingbirds, gold finches, pileated wood peckers, blue heron etc. Beautiful barn swallows nest in the barn and robins nest on several of our windowsills.