"I first heard about Judy's fine reputation from a number of people. This was after years of therapy with a variety of chiropractors.
From the beginning I knew I had found someone who really understands the human body and knows how to treat it. Judy gets right to work using all the tools she has in her arsenal, from effective hands-on treatments to teaching appropriate exercises. She is also a master at correcting posture and showing you how to stand up and sit down, climb stairs, and more, using the Feldenkrais methodology. It takes a lot of hard work to correct years of bad habits and Judy acknowledges that and gives you lots of support.

I highly recommend her as a skilled and caring therapist.

  ~ Gail from Toronto, Ontario


"As soon as you enter Judy’s office you are welcomed with a glow of warmth and the scent of rejuvenation. There is a sense of calm and comfort. My experience with Judy and the treatments have been nothing short of incredible. I was involved in a serious accident and had two stress fractures in my vertebrae. I was bed ridden for about 4 weeks before I crawled into her office. I never did go to the hospital after the accident, and yes, I know what you’re thinking, I’m stubborn. Judy was able to treat me and in short order I was able to be back on my feet. As the treatments continued I started to further improve and began to resume my job and some of the things I enjoy in life.

Her thorough knowledge, compassion and “from the heart” suggestions are insightful and very welcomed. Listen to them because they do make a difference and will help your recovery.

Two years after my accident I had another stress fracture and I knew I was in really good hands and would be well cared for as always! I continue to receive her treatments and enjoy the visits. Today, I am much more informed about my wellbeing, personal health and wellness. I continue to be able to enjoy most of the finer things in life. I have had to limit my activities due to the injury, a small sacrifice to pay instead of being immobile. We have a natural tendency to take things for granted, ask yourself how much would your life change if you were incapacitated and couldn’t work or care for your family.

Judy continues to help me retain a few things I hold dearest, my independence and ability to continue to be a productive person. She’s my Chiropractor."

  ~ David Ruttle from Etobicoke, Ontario


"Dr. Judy Adler is excellent. I started having pain in my mid-back several months ago. I suspected it had something to do with sitting in front of a computer all day but I could not figure out what was going on. Not only did Dr. Adler provide relief from the pain, she also figured out what I was doing wrong. She could tell by adjusting my back that I was doing two things – slouching a bit to my right side and that I had not positioned my monitor correctly in front of me. I checked and Dr. Adler was correct on both counts. It is this combination of hands on expertise with chiropractic techniques and a keen understanding of the importance of posture that truly sets Dr. Adler apart. I highly recommend Dr. Adler to anyone who is looking for relief from pain as well as long-term solutions towards dealing with the underlying postural causes that contribute to our discomfort."

  ~ John Cunningham from Toronto, Ontario


"Going to Dr. Judy Adler is a great experience. She has many simple solutions for my problems, and is very good at motivating without lecturing. I feel she is a great deal more than a chiropractor . She is a real HEALER. It’s actually a pleasure to go to her for treatments. If I follow her excellent advice, I feel better in a very few days. I am able to go years without returning to her for treatment. My physical problems are soluble, but like many people, I am my own worst enemy. Somehow, Dr. Adler makes me better at taking care of myself.

Her work with my orthotics has also been beneficial, and at a reasonable price. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

  ~ Celia Chassels from Toronto, Ontario


"Judy: I wanted you to know how much appreciate all your help over the last 12 years. I know when I feel off or something is expressing pain I usually phone you first to get help. What I experience in your clinic is compassion, truth and direction. You are tireless in finding a reasonable response from by body and spirit. I love your hands on methodology and your ability to listen for the tiniest detail that will lead you to the spot. Nothing routine about your approach, it is always a fresh look at the old or new problem.

Over the years I have sent many by just saying “Judy will fix it”. I have never had anyone come back to me and say you were not able to help. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next steps.

  ~ Virginia Lake, CAHP from Toronto, Ontario


"I first experienced treatment with Judy Adler almost 20 years ago. I had an chronic hip strain that often spasmed into an acute and paInful condition. After relieving the pain, Judy showed me how some simple stretches and increased awareness of body posture and positioning everyday would help to avoid the reccurence of the acute attacks. Several times a year, I return for a tune-up to relieve any new aches and pains that arise as my body ages. Judy always seems to know the best ways to stretch and relax any part of the body and how to tap into the magic of the common tennis ball!

  ~ Stuart Grant from Toronto, Ontario