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Vegetable Garden

Flower Garden

Our Garden

Our Flowers

Picnic Lunch with Judy

Flower Garden

Quiet Afternoons in the Hammock

Property Bridge

Swimming Pond

Gabion Gates

Gabion Cooker

Swimming Pond

Campfire & Tree Sculpture

Vegetable Garden

Cabana at Pond

Roundwood Sculpture

Rock Garden

Stone Sculpture

Hollow Tree

Stone Sculpture

Harvest Table

Cut Flower Garden

The scene from the porch

The second floor balcony

The studio

Enjoy the trails

Lake Moira from the cow shed

Winter sunset

View from the living room

The living room

Early spring flowers


Lake Moira

Fall harvest

Enjoy the country air

The old fashioned way still works

Warm up by the fire after the outdoors

Listen to the frogs at night

Early morning view from the porch

Late afternoon cows come home

Enjoy the view, whether from the front porch or on the second floor balcony

Inside the studio

Inside the studio

Enjoy the views from the studio


Bedroom downstairs

Bedroom upstairs

Bedroom upstairs

Bedroom with balcony

Bedroom with ensuite bathroom

Luxuriate in the bath

Enjoy skating on the pond in the Winter

Views of the pond

Sweet Life Farm sign

Judy and Richard

Judy and Laura by the pond

The fire pit

Dragonfly beauty

Camping with our dog by the pond

Birds hanging out by the bridge

Checking in on the bees